Georgetown is clearly embarrassed that Syracuse fans have dominated the Verizon the last few years.  So, they delayed sale of the tickets, and they are trying to sell them all through alumni and and boosters.  See Casual Hoya info here.  More info on how to get around it after the jump.

If you donate $25 to Hoya Athletic Club, you can buy up to 8 tickets.  Tickets are $25 each.  Information on how to join the alumni club here.

Now, many of you are thinking,  wait, why would I give $25 to the Hoya Athletic Club?  Well, it is for a good cause.  I have been assured any money donated will be used for removing meth labs from Georgetown dorms. 

Also, if you are buying*, buy 8.  Someone will take them.  You know how well the Orange travel, and the DC game is high on the list every year.  If you look at stub hub, the prices for the 400 level seats are all around $20, except for the Syracuse game, where they are around $90.  Even with a top 20 team, Georgetown needs Syracuse to sell tickets.  If you buy a couple extra, you can easily get rid of them.

Go Orange.

*It is will call only, so you need to be there to pick them up, only buy if you are going.