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Pinstripe Bowl: Syracuse Fans Bowl It Out

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The "Bowl before the Bowl" pre-game party last night for Syracuse fans was a festive event full of fun, frivolity and an excuse to wear kooky hats.

That's where David Dana comes in. May we all be this fun when we're 73.

Orange fans like David Dana, 73, couldn’t have been more content, sipping a drink, bowling with a tangerine bowling ball, all while wearing a round, foam Otto hat and faded Saltine Warrior T-shirt. Dana graduated from SU in 1966, "the same year as Jim Boeheim and Dave Bing," he said proudly. Born in Syracuse but a Manhattan resident since graduation, Dana said he couldn’t guess the number of times his well-worn SU tee had been worn or washed.

"I just hope I get to live another 20 or 30 years to see the basketball team win another national championship and see Syracuse go to the BCS," he said beaming. Dana said he made a little money in the stock market earlier in the week and treated himself to a ticket to the bowl at the 50-yard line that cost $150.

And check out that spread!!!

As for Doug Marrone and the players, they had no time for festivities. They spent the day with members of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and Bronx Colts Youth Tackle Football League, who were invited onto Yankee Stadium field to watch the Orange run a team walk-through in preparation for the Pinstripe Bowl.

I want to be accountable, coach! Sign me up, for...whatever it is we're signing up for!

Meanwhile, Kansas State somehow pulled off their own pep rally on Wednesday. See, Kansas citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.