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An Open Letter To The Employers Of Syracuse Football Fans On The Day Of The Pinstripe Bowl

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Dear Employer,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy, synergistic day and allowing me a few moments of your time. I run a website called Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and...well, no my name isn't Troy Nunes, but anyway, I wanted to...well, it's kinda a long story as to why it's called that, but that's not what I'm here to talk to...yes, I know that's a very ambiguous name for a blog...and yes, I agree that from a marketing 101 standpoint I didn't take into account reaching a mass audience...yes, I understand that you graduated near the top of your class at Brookdale Community College with a Marketing Degree, but....HEY!  I'M NOT HERE TO TALK ABOUT MY BLOG NAME!

God, now I know why your employee keeps coming to my site to bitch about you.

What? No, I was, not YOUR employee, I meant that in a general sense. Your employee thinks your a real outside-the-box thinker. A real multitasker. A strong brainstormer with the best action items who knows how to separate their deliverables from their mission statements.

Okay, so anyway, I wanted to take this moment to talk to you about today's Pinstripe Bowl.  No, no...this isn't some kind of corporate team-building exercise in the break room. The only things in there are a near-empty doughnut box with only plain doughnuts left in it and some store-bought bran muffins.

No, the Pinstripe Bowl is a football game taking place today. It's going to be played at Yankee Stadium, it's...yes, I know the Yankees play baseball, I'm not trying to jerk you around here, just hear me out. It's going to be played at Yankee Stadium but the actual Yankee baseball team has nothing to do with it. I know, the idea of Mariano Rivera in a football uniform makes me laugh too. But they're not playing. Who IS playing is the Kansas State University Wildcats and the Syracuse University Orange football teams.

Yes, Orange. No, they're not the Orangemen anymore. Why? Some marketing thing. What's that? You find Nike's marketing initiatives to be innoventive and cutting edge and envelope pushing? That's great.

So yes, the Syracuse football team is playing in Yankee Stadium...yes, I know, that does sound weird, but it's true. And it's happening today at 3:30pm Eastern. I KNOW! That is a weird and unfortunate time to play a football game. I agree, that is such a shame for all of the Syracuse fans who have to work and won't be able to watch the game.

Well here's the thing...

I would like to ask your permission to let your employee, who is a die-hard Syracuse fan, watch the game today. Yes, live. Yes, on a TV. No, not at the office. Well, I suppose they could watch it at a bar. Or even at home, if they like.

No, no, no...I totally understand. You're resource-constrained and schedule-compressed and really need to practice some total quality management in order to re-focus your management strategy. I get that and I think any sane person would.

But here's the thing. We've got all year to work that out. 2011 is here and there's no better time to take a 360 degree look at our strategies and user-centric vertical integration. I bet if we hit the ground running with some ideation come January 4th, we're going to really create a win-win, tip of the iceberg-type scenario.

So what your Syracuse-bred employee needs is a chance to recharge their batteries. That opportunity is a chance to watch the Pinstripe Bowl live. Today. During work hours.

It sounds crazy but you need to stop thinking short-term and start thinking long-term. And I know how much you like you think long-term. And if you give up the short-term to let your Cuse grad enjoy the fruits of this season's labor, then it's going to go a long way towards yours and their core competencies.

So in closing, if you could just do this one favor, your Syracuse employee and myself will be eternally grateful. If something does go wrong while the Pinstripe Bowl is on, I don't want to hear about any blamestorming. I know you're better than that. That's just not best practices.

Thanks again for understanding. You're a blue-sky thinker all the way.


Sean Keeley