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Pinstripe Bowl: What To Know Before You Buy Tickets

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A lot of you already have your Pinstripe Bowl tickets and if so, you've already won the battle. But have you won the war?

As long as you're not sitting in Section 201 or 239. Those section have obstructed views. How obstructed? This obstructed. Even at $36, that sucks. That looks like you'll be unable to see the endzone closest to you, which could be a crucial spot at some point. So MAKE SURE you know where your tickets are before you buy.

Here's a rundown of where Syracuse's available tickets are located (huge H/T: Jeepers44)

$36 (Sold Out):These seats are in Section 425 which is NOT obstructed. Whew! (H/T Gregg...)

$51 (Sold Out):
200 level – (Sections 235-237, 239) (End zone, 2nd base)
400 level – (Sections 426-433) (Upper deck, 1st base)

$82 (Close to selling out):
100 level – (Sections 123-124, 135-136) (End zone, bottom side of stadium) and (End zone, 2nd base)
300 level – (Sections 324-325) (End zone, homeplate)

300 level – (Sections 305-307, 326-334) (Middle upper deck, 1st base) and (Middle upper deck, 3rd base/home plate)

100 level – (Sections 127-133) (middle field, 3rd base)
200 level – (Sections 227B-233) (middle field, 3rd base)

Here's the seating map (PDF) so you can chart out where all of those are. SUAthletics also has some packages for travel, hotel and accommodations so check that out as well.