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Syracuse Pinstripe Bowl & Daily Links

Some afternoon links all about the Pinstripe Bowl as well as some other Cuse-related items...

Pinstripe Bowl Preview: Kansas State, Syracuse in the House that Steinbrenner Built - Team Speed Kills
No one was quite sure what Syracuse was doing when it hired Doug Marrone, but he's worked out great so far at his alma mater. While the 'Cuse wasn't exactly revisiting its glory years back when Donovan McNabb was around, the Orange got to its seven wins not through luck by by being doggedly average (a marked improvement over the Greg Robinson days). Two of the seven wins were over Maine and Colgate, but two more were over West Virginia and USF. The Orange were all over the map, but no one there is complaining about making a bowl again.

Syracuse University football team renews affair with Yankee Stadium that began in 1923 |
"I think it’s important that we’re New York State’s team, you know," Marrone said. "I think there’s a lot of irony that we played the first game in Yankee Stadium in 1923 and are now coming back for the first Pinstripe Bowl. And I think it’s important because it’s obviously our recruiting base. To be able to play a bowl game in our priority area of recruiting is something that can really help you, especially at this stage of where we are in the program, where we’re still trying to rebuild these foundations of recruiting that can really ensure success for us in the future."

Upstarts will go to bat in Pinstripe Bowl | News
Syracuse and Kansas State are both trying to restore their football programs to the standards set by former glory, and they'll get a chance to go through each other on Thursday afternoon at Yankee Stadium in the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl. Both teams will go into the game with a 7-5 record, and both will be looking for their first bowl victories in several seasons.

Our Manhattan takes K-State by storm
"I'm from a small town and a lot of other guys on the team are, as well," said Coffman, a senior, whose team will play Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium at 3:20 p.m. Thursday. Aside from trips to Big 12 games, he added, "Most of the kids haven't been out of the state of Kansas before. The lights, the big buildings, it's all pretty impressive to us."

2010 Pinstripe Bowl 3 keys - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
It's pretty simple here. Everything that comes with doing this -- time of possession, points, momentum -- can mean a win in a game that'll feature a pair of 1,000-yard rushers in Syracuse's Delone Carter and Kansas State's Daniel Thomas. It's not a cure-all -- turnovers and missed opportunities can swing the game one way or the other -- but the safe bet in this game is whichever team rushes for more yards leaves with a win.

Kansas State offense geared to see a bunch of blitzes from Syracuse University defense |
"They’re a very good defense," K-State quarterback Carson Coffman said of SU, which fields the nation’s No. 6-ranked D. "They blitz more than any team we’ve seen this year, but I think we’re prepared. We’ve watched a lot of film on them and we’re just looking to take advantage of the opportunities when they come and try to gash them.

For Ryan Bartholomew, SU's center, the Pinstripe Bowl will mark the 'sudden end' of his fine career |
"I don’t look at it poetically," he said on Tuesday afternoon. "It’ll probably hit me toward the end of the fourth quarter, depending on how the game goes. What I’ll look at is the suddenness of it all. It’ll just end. It won’t wind down. Everything I’ve been doing for the last 4½ years will just end."

Bring On The Cats - For Kansas St. Wildcats Fans
With K-State's first bowl game since 2006 coming up on Thursday, Panjandrum and I got together for a discussion of the matchup with Syracuse in New York City. Of course, we had a hard time sticking to script -- how many different ways can you say "our defense sucks, their offense sucks, it'll probably be a low-scoring game"

Otto's great adventure in New York City |
"He can’t talk but what I can see from his expressions is that he’s very excited, hopeful and really believing that we’re going to win tomorrow," she said.

Orange::44: Pinstripe Bowl Quick Predictions
While Syracuse has the potential to lose this game like all the others I just refuse to pick against Syracuse in this one. I like our chances and I look for Syracuse to pull off the win 20 to 17.

Could Syracuse Be Close to Landing Ishaq Williams AND Brandon Reddish? : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
Williams has SU in his top 2, McReynolds lists the Orange in Fave-Five, Simmons has commited, and Reddish is in the hunt. Mungwa is the only defector in an "off-the-top-of-the-head list" by Smallwood.

Otto's Army : Commitment or Not, Orange Will Build on Ishaq’s Recruitment
Either way, Ishaq’s signature or not, it feels like Syracuse has already done something significant to get to this point with a player of this caliber. When he decides on January 8th it will feel like win or loss, but be sure that the Orange have already won.

Providence vs Syracuse: Recap Notes - Syracuse Basketball - Orange Update
The last time SU started the season 14-0 was 1999.

Big East Basketball Power Rankings Week 7 - The UConn Blog
Pitt, thanks to their win over UConn is on top. Syracuse and Georgetown, who for my money are the two best teams in the conference right now, follow right behind. After them, you have two slightly flawed but mighty dangerous teams in Villanova and UConn.

Mike's Mailbox: Is this a record for the Orange being ranked in the top 10? |
This appears to be Syracuse’s longest run in the AP top 10 in the school’s history. However, Syracuse did have a stretch from 1988 to 1991 with only a few weeks outside the top 10.

OrangeHoops: Top 10 Streaks
Syracuse is in the midst of a streak of 44 straight games where they have been ranked in the top 10 of the AP’s Polls. Mike Waters brought this up in his Q&A this week, and it is the longest streak in Syracuse basketball history, by far. Syracuse entered the top 10 on November 24,2009 and are still there, currently at number 5. The Orange have had 12 streaks in their history where they have been in the top 10 for 10 or more games in a row, all of them occurring in the Jim Boeheim era.

UConn Braces For Big Loss On Fiesta Tickets -
At the forefront are 17,500 tickets the school is obligated to buy and resell at face value, which adds up to about $3.5 million.