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Jim Boeheim Fantasy Camp: Where a Man Can Become An Orangeman

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August 1st through 3rd, 2011. I know where you'll be. You'll be hanging out with Roosevelt Bouie, learning the 2-3 zone from Jim Boeheim himself and wearing a Syracuse jersey with the number 69 on it.

That's cause you're going to Jim Boeheim SU Basketball Fantasy Camp for Adults (JBSUBFCFA for short).

The following package is available with Coach Boeheim offering you The Official SU College Basketball Experience. Going through all of the same drills, offensive and defensive sets, analyzing game footage, team practices and more. This unique opportunity is being offered to men age 35 plus and space will be limited to 35 Men across the country. First come first serve.

No girls allowed at Jim Boeheim SU Basketball Fantasy Camp for Adults. Sorry. Only one shower so it might get awkward.

For $5,500, you get quite a few amenities (I would hope so). Along with getting your own personalized Cuse gear and playing in a tournament that culminates with a championship game at the end of Camp For Adults, you also get to mix and mingle with some of Syracuse's all-time greats.

Jim Boeheim will coach Team 1, Mike Hopkins Team 2, Gerry McNamara Team 3 and Lazarus Sims Team 4.

Each team will have a former SU star playing with them for 1 game on day two’s morning game. John Wallace, Roosevelt Bouie, Gerry McNamara and Lawrence Moten will be the active players.

Information and coaching sessions from Derrick Coleman, Billy Owens, Pearl Washington and more.

What, no Marius Janulis? I'm not in until I can actually say "Marius Januuuuuuuuuuulis for three!" as Marius actually shoots a three. That's non-negotiable.

Check out the site for more information and make sure you bring your A game. It might be Fantasy Camp but that doesn't mean Boeheim isn't going to chew you out on the bench if you make a dumb play. In fact, I think he might be looking forward to it...