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Syracuse vs. Providence: Begun, The Big East War Has

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13-0 and yet we might as well be 0-0. Cause it's not for real until the Big East season starts. It just so happens that it starts tonight for Syracuse as they host the Providence Friars in the Dome.

That's assuming the Friars even get to Syracuse. The team's flight was canceled due to some of that nasty weather you've been hearing about and they took a bus instead. Hopefully they don't stall in the middle of nowhere and get Jeepers Creepers 2'd. Or maybe that would be a good thing?

The Friars don't really need the victory, they've already gotten their Christmas present. It was the announcement that highly-coveted recruit Ricky Ledo verbally-committed to play for Providence next year. The No. 13-ranked overall player and the No. 3-ranked shooting guard in the class of 2012 spurned a lot of top-tier programs, including Syracuse, to play for the Friars. For a coach on the semi-hot seat like Keno Davis, that's a game-changer. Some are calling it the biggest commitment in school history. Billy Donovan and God Shammgod weep.

But Ricky Ledo isn't walking through that door...yet. The Friars will have to go it without him. So far, they've done well. They're 11-2 a year after winning only 12 games total last year. Their losses have come to La Salle (huh?) and Boston College (by 2 on the road). They beat common opponent Morgan State by 22 (SU beat them by 42).

How are the Friars going to try and beat the Orange? By shooting the three of course. Providence has attempted the second-most 3-pointers in the league with 267. The good news for SU is that they're only shooting 31.5 percent, the fourth-worst percentage in the league. Plus there's the whole thing about Syracuse limiting opponents to 28.6 percent on threes.

Marshon Brooks has been tearing up the stat sheet with a 23.1 PPG average. That includes two 33-point performances in the last four games. He shoots a lot of threes so expect him to be chucking all night long. Guards Vincent Council and Gerard Coleman are also scoring in double-digits, so we'll need Triche/Scoop/Waiters to step up the D all night.

That means there's not a lot of offense being generated by the frontcourt and that's good news for Rick Jackson. Mr. Double-Double had one of his best games of the season last year against Providence (career-high 28 points, 9 rebounds).

Jackson is among many on the team excited for the start of Big East play but who also understand not to get ahead of themselves.

"He (Boeheim) don't want our heads to get too big. Coach is like that," Jackson said. "All you can do is just listen to him. I mean, he's been around for a while, so you've got to think he knows what he's talking about."

C.J. Fair thinks C.J. Fair will be ready to go in this game. Fab Melo also looked good in practice and may not miss any action.

To stay in the loop and get up to speed on all things Friar, keep an eye on Friarblog. In the meantime, let's watch some footage from the '86 matchup in the Dome.