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Orange Hold Steady At No. 5 In Both Polls

Syracuse played twice this past week, won both games and remained a No. 5 in the AP Poll this week behind Duke, Ohio State, Kansas and UConn. All of the top ten teams stayed the same but Georgetown flip-flopped with Missouri to be No. 9. Along with No. 4 UConn, No. 5 Syracuse, No. 6 Pitt and No. 8 Nova, all your AP Top Tens are belong to Big East. Notre Dame and Louisville are also ranked this week, making one out of every four ranked teams a Big East one.

Six AP Voters put the Orange up at No. 3, including "friend" of the community Jon Wilner. A couple of Dicks (Vitale, Weiss) have the Orange at No. 4. Jeff Goodman and Joshua Parrot are you haters of the week, putting the Orange at No. 6. Hardly too much of an insult.

The Coaches Poll top ten looks exactly the same and now matches the AP team-for-team.

The Orange are No. 6 in the RPI rankings, though they're No. 3 in the Big East behind Georgetown and West Virginia.

Ken Pomeroy has the Orange all the back at No. 7 while 8-3 Washington is No. 5.

And there's at least one collection of people who think SU is the No. 1 team in the land. That would be the Yahoo! users who vote. They've got the Orange ahead of Ohio State and Duke, who is slotted at No. 3. Power to the people!