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Syracuse Daily Links - C.J. Fair Expects To Play

C.J. Fair returns to Syracuse practice after the holiday break |
Fair said he stayed in Syracuse during the team's brief Christmas break to treat his sore left ankle. SU athletic trainer Brad Pike, he said, used ice baths and ultrasound to get the ankle back into playing shape. "I expect to play on Tuesday," Fair said.

Syracuse Goes Back to the Future -
"As the years go by, you really start to see how a community works and what affects it and what can help it change for the better," he said. "I became more familiar with how things work on the East Coast as opposed to the West Coast, especially in recruiting. It's very, very different. On the West Coast, frankly, recruiting is sometimes more about, 'Who's the last person you talked to?'" Dr. Gross said. "Here you have to be familiar, you need credibility, you have to develop the relationships, you have to be respected. People here appreciate that. It's more about building trust over time."

3-point stance: Weather dampens bowl - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
The New Era Pinstripe Bowl seemed like a good idea. Playing a postseason game in the new Yankee Stadium reconnects college football to the days when Army and Notre Dame annually played in the House That Ruth Built. But the blizzard that arrived the same day that Kansas State and Syracuse should remind all of us that bowls are made for warmer climes.

Jovan Miller Anxious to get 2011 Going - College Crosse
" I guess that's why you play the games and you can't take anyone as a given W [win]," Miller said in a recent interview. " I would say I've never been so ready to play lacrosse again since we lost to Army."

Orange::44: Monday Morning Quarterback 12/27/10
Important to Nassib’s success will be whether his receivers can play well. All season long we’ve seen a receiving corps struggle with drops, with errant routes, with not getting open. Really, though, I think the key to whether the passing game opens up rests on how successful Delone Carter and/or Antwon Bailey are at running the ball. It looks like the Kansas State defense is vulnerable to giving up a lot of yards on the ground, so hopefully Syracuse can exploit that.

Is Syracuse’s Mounting Suspensions Doug Marrone’s Fault? : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
For now, Doug Marrone gets the benefit of the doubt as a guy who’s cleaning up Greg Robinson’s mess. But soon, if off-field problems keep plaguing the Orange, and potentially scare off a prized recruit, then Marrone, and no one else, will be the one to blame.

Otto's Army : Are The Orange Too Reliant On Rick?
The growth of Rick Jackson’s game in his senior year has been overwhelming. Nine double-doubles in 13 games (he had three such games all of last season), growth in nearly every major statistical category (points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals), and a stronger and more effective physique. But what happens when Rick gets into foul trouble?

Syracuse completes turnaround | The Juice Online
"Looking around the league, everyone is playing great," Boeheim said. "It is as good as our league has ever been at this stage of the year. Five teams in the top 10, three or four more teams that are right there. I told the players that we are playing well, but we’re going to have to play as well or even better once we get back up here and start conference play. But we are in as good of a position as we could be right now."

Seton Hall Basketball Player Wounded in Harlem Shooting -
Jeremy Hazell, 24, was hit in the back after an argument turned violent, the New York Post reported. The wound was not considered life-threatening, the paper said.

Syracuse Fight Song...REMIXXXXXX