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Palasek Chooses Orange, Hopkins Named "Syracuse Developmental League"

Palasek to Pietramala: "Columbia blue and black is for sissy sissies, sissy."  via <a href=""></a>
Palasek to Pietramala: "Columbia blue and black is for sissy sissies, sissy." via

I had a nice little Thursday planned: Toss on my old Sitrus rugby, throw back some Woodford Reserve until I was bleary-eyed and sauced-sophisticated, and maybe catch up on a P.J. O'Rourke book that's been sitting on my desk for the better part of December.

You know, those really important things that are part of the social compact we all colloquially call "The American Dream."

As it turns out, though, Thursday had a little more in store for me (and you, of course).  Tom Palasek, formerly rated as the number nine "Scorpion Young Gun" coming out of high school, has decided to enroll at Syracuse for the Spring 2011 semester:

Former Johns Hopkins attackman Tom Palasek is set to join the Syracuse Orange for spring 2011.

Tom Palasek was recently admitted to the university, and will be eligibe to play during the 2011 season, said his father, Tom Palasek Sr. A junior, Palasek should have two seasons of eligibility remaining in his career.

Palasek started five games and played in 14 total contests during the 2010 season for the Blue Jays, scoring 13 goals and 11 assists.

So, uh, yeah.  This news clearly confirms the obvious: There's no reason to ever spend time in Baltimore, especially if you're going to be there to play for "Mullet" Dave Pietramala.

Palasek's transfer to Syracuse isn't exactly season-changing for Syracuse (the team is returning seven All-Americans and is Lacrosse Magazine's preseason number one).  The transfer does, however, have a few impacts:

  1. It weakens Hopkins, which is always hilarious in a "We have more real titles than you" kind of way.
  2. It bolsters a Syracuse attack that already features Stephen Keogh, Tim Desko, and JoJo Marasco.  When you throw in a guy like freshman Billy Ward, the Orange may have a close attack that takes care of business like a Panzer tank.
  3. Again: Hahahahahahaha . . . nobody likes Hopkins.
  4. It strengthens the unit in 2012 when Keogh graduates.  Hell, there may be an immediate impact in 2011 in situational scenarios (injuries, extra-man, rolling him out on the field against Hopkins so that he can go 5-2 and piss on Pietramala's coaching grave, etc.).

Hooray for the good guys.  Title 12 is just around the corner.