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"Wholly Guacamole" Pinstripe Bowl Contest Winners

This post is sponsored by Wholly Guacamole, the official guacamole, salsa and queso of the Pinstripe Bowl


The Wholly Guacamole contest is over, time to pick some winners. As a review, here's what they get:

GRAND PRIZE - Two (2) winners selected at random will win FOUR (4) free tickets each to the Pinstripe Bowl. Whoa.

SECOND PRIZE - Three (3) winners selected at random will receive a Wholly Guacamole Pinstripe Prize Pack, which includes enough guacamole, salsa an queso for you and ten friends to watch the Pinstripe Bowl.

And so, via a random selection, here they are...

Pinstripe Bowl Ticket Winners



Wholly Guacamole Prize Pack Winners




Congrats to the winners. Please send me your addresses ASAP so we can get your tickets/prize packs out to you quickly.

Thanks to everyone for participating. Check out Homegaiting HQ for more info, recipes and coupons as you prep for the Pinstripe Bowl.