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Syracuse Looking Forward To Ruining National Marquette Day

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If someone ever asks you to "Get Your Marquette On," I assume you'll do the right thing and respond with physical violence. I'm not even sure what getting one's Marquette on even entails (eating copious amounts of cheese while reading the Bible and telling their favorite Al McGuire story?) but I know I would never want to do it.

Sadly, there are many out there who would. What they don't seem to realize is that getting your Marquette on also entails getting embarrassed on your home court by the No. 5 team in the nation.

This year's National Marquette Day – set for January 29, 2011 against Syracuse – will once again feature a "Get Your Marquette On" contest, challenging all Marquette fans to submit photos of themselves showing off their Marquette pride.

The wining submission gets one "lucky" fan a plane ticket to Milwaukee (oooohhhh), accommodations in Milwaukee (meeeeeehhhhhhh), tickets to the SU-Marqutte game (aaaaahhhhhhh) and their very own "noggin," their version of a Big Head (actually kinda cooooooool).

Looking over last year's submissions I can't help but feel bad. So many young children, their lives ruined before they even had a chance. Still, it looks like a pleasant-enough event. It's just a shame the Syracuse Orange are going to have to ruin it.

It's Marquette's own fault, though. They could have scheduled this against DePaul, whom they host on the 19th. That would be a sure-fire win and a great way to send the folks home happy. Now? I just don't see why National Marquette Day needs to end with a thirty-point loss for the home team. Just seems like a shame.