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Pinstripe Bowl: A Shame About Suter

Max Suter deserves to play in the Pinstripe Bowl. He won't because of a nagging shoulder injury that he will finally have to have surgery on. Listen to the way his coaches and teammates talk about the senior and you realize just how valuable he's been to this team over the last four years.

Coach John Anselmo - "He’s kind of like the heart and soul of the defense in terms of how he runs and plays hard."

Cornerback Da’Mon Merkerson said. ""His leadership is needed...It will be there from the sidelines, but you can’t replace him. What he brings to the table is special."

A class act all the way, Suter realized that the team was better off with #Shamarko in at the starting spot instead of him, which led to his discussion with the coaching staff about the injury.

Dave Rahme has some updates on the other injured Orange preparing to play in the Pinstripe.

Senior tailback Delone Carter (upper leg) appeared to participate in all drills. Merkerson (knee) was still limited. Wide receiver Van Chew (groin) again watched from the sideline. Senior center Ryan Bartholomew was at practice but yielded to freshman Macky MacPherson during one-on-one drills with the defensive line and the scrimmage portions. Senior defensive tackle Andrew Lewis and freshman linebacker Brice Hawkes were absent. . . .

There have been no felony burglaries involving Syracuse players this week, so there's some more good news.

Over on the K-State side, some are wondering if the Cats will mix it up at the QB position. They've got two very difference players they can throw in there to get the Orange D off kilter.

Collin Klein. Risky, perhaps, considering that Klein could within reason not see a snap against the Orange. But he should. The former receiver added an effective zone-read attack to the Wildcats offense late in the season. Against Texas and in spurts against Missouri, he looked unstoppable when paired with running back Daniel Thomas.

Carson Coffman
is the most accomplished passer on the Kansas State roster, and as such, he earns plenty of playing time. But an otherwise simple plan for stopping Kansas State (load the box with 7-9 defenders, stop Daniel Thomas) becomes way, way more complex with Klein to account for.

Meanwhile the Cats will be without Ricky Rahne, who resigned his post as the Wildcats' tight end coach, effective immediately. Either he's got a better gig lined up or he's really, really scared of the Syracuse defense. Could go either way.

If you're going to the game, make sure to give a heart halftime clap for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl 2010 MVP Scholar Athletes, 55 public school students who have been honored for their athletic, academic and community achievements.

Need a ride to the Pinstripe Bowl from Syracuse? Caz Limo's got you hooked up.