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Syracuse Basketball: The Club Trillion Standings

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Every single player on the Syracuse roster played in last night's 97-55 romp over Morgan State. When that many walk-ons and bench players get involved, there's bound to be some serious Club Trillion action. And there was.

Just in case you're unfamiliar, Club Trillion is a term made popular by former Ohio State benchmeister Mark Titus. A player becomes a member of Club Trillion when they play one minute of a game but accumulate no stats whatsoever, a somewhat common occurrence for super-scrubs. The name comes from the fact that the amount of zeroes that follow the one on the stat sheet come out to a trillion if put together.

Last night, two Orange joined Club Trillion. Nolan Hart and Russ DeRemer both notched one minute of action and nothing else. Quite the accomplishment. And it got me many Club Trillion members do we have this season and which one of them is King Trillion?

And so, I've decided to take a look at each game and start keeping track.  There's been a lot of close calls, guys who attempted one shot or grabbed one rebound. But only the pure of boxscore can make the cut. Here's what we've got.

2010-2011 Club Trillion Members

Griffin Hoffman - Northern Iowa

Matt Lyde-Cajuste - Northern Iowa

Matt Tomaszewki  - Canisius*

Brandon Reese - Cornell

Nolan Hart - Morgan State

Russ DeRemer - Morgan State

That's it so far. And so, at the moment, there is no King of Trillion Castle. Five have the inside track to take that mantle and run with it. Who will be it? That depends on how many more blowouts the Orange have and how late Jim Boeheim can wait to sub them in. We'll check back in as more Club Trillion entries are granted during the season.

* Technically played 0+ minutes but let's call it 1.