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OrangeTube - 12/20

The latest Syracuse-related videos around the Intertubes. First up, how bout some up-close-and-personal highlights from the SU-Iona game:

Great-looking video on why you should give back to the University that you paid $150,000 to attend.

Jonathan Hirsch, Biophysical Science major, when we discuss all the great things about Syracuse sports, we do not lead with soccer. Otherwise, good job.

Want to get angry? Watch the entire second half of the '98 Syracuse-Tennessee game and wonder what could have been.

Want to get happy? Watch the second half of the 1983 NCAA Lacrosse championship between Syracuse and Hopkins and see how it all started.

Finally, let's watch incoming Orange Donnie Simmons make some plays. The same kind of plays he will one day make in orange.