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Pinstripe Bowl: Business Time

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For a lot of Syracuse and Kansas State fans, the Pinstripe Bowl represents a chance to take part in myriad festivities in New York City. For the coaches and players, their agenda has a slightly different starting point. Getting prepared to win the football game.

"Obviously, once there’s a layoff period you get concerned," Marrone said. "If you think they’re going to show up in New York and know everything we’ve done, that’s not the right way to approach it. So we’re going to have to do a very good job of really drilling the game plan into them, so this way when we get to New York and we talk about it again they can obviously look back and recover from it."

The Orange spent the weekend installing plays and working on specifically stopping the Wildcats attack.

Marrone also spoke about certain facets of the Syracuse team, including the identity of SU's offense.

"Our identity is really execution."

As in sometimes they're so frustrating to watch, they make you want to get executed.

The Orange have to work hard because you can be sure the Wildcats are doing the same on their end. It's their first bowl game since 2006 and they want to make it count:

"We're going there for a reason," senior center Wade Weibert said. "We're not going there for sight-seeing. We're going there to try and win a ballgame. It's a business trip."

Another guy who's going to be all-business at the Pinstripe Bowl? #SHAMARKO