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Syracuse To Pinstripe Bowl: Start Spreading The News

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As much as it pains me that Syracuse has to be linked to the scourge of Earth known as The New York Yankees, this time it's worth it. Syracuse has officially accepted an invitation to play in The Pinstripe Bowl, according to Fanhouse's Brett McMurphy.

Syracuse is headed to the inaugural New Era Pinstripe Bowl, FanHouse has learned.

The Orange will play a team to be determined from the Big 12 Conference, most likely Kansas State.

We're going to a bowl game, kids. REJOICE! Your move, Wildcats.

My "sources" tell me an official announcement is coming in the next hour. Check back for updates.

Update: It's never too early to start thinking tickets. Here's the seating map so you can figure out how thing whole baseball stadium business works. I guess Mohegan Sun Sports Bar is their Club 44...

As for ticket prices, I hate to break it to you but they're RIDICULOUS. The cheapest ticket is $66.30, before all the extras, and those are the upper deckers in the far corner endzone. Hope you've been saving up from all the bowl games you didn't go to the last five years.

Update: It's official. And you can find MUCH CHEAPER tickets if you go SUATHLETICS. Tickets start at $36. GO GO GO!

Update: DOC Gross presser starts now, live on Banner day for the DOC.

Plus, Doug Marrone comments:

"When the announcement was made that a bowl game was going to be played in Yankee Stadium for the first time, my thought was that if we were not going to play in a BCS game, then how great would it be to play in the first college bowl game in Yankee Stadium in my first head coaching job,” said Marrone. “The opportunity to play in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in my hometown is part of the whole dream. New York State is our foundation. This is another step in our return to prominence."