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Syracuse No. 2 In Fall Director's Cup Standings, Sound The Feasting Horn

If you live in the Syracuse area and happen to see a sharply-dressed man doing cartwheels past your house today, that's DOC Gross. He's celebrating the fact that Syracuse finished No. 2 in the first fall Division I Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup standings.

Florida State is the leader after the first fall Division I Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup standings. The Seminoles lead Syracuse by 12 points, 180-168. Florida State accumulated their 180 points by having both their men’s and women’s cross country teams finish second at the Division I national championships.

The Syracuse Orange finished fifth in women’s field hockey, 10th in women’s cross country and 14th in men’s cross country.

Stanford, who always ends up winning these things, is currently in fourth place.

These numbers and standings are unofficial and the official standings don't come out until the end of the spring season, but its a huge accomplishment for Syracuse Athletics nonetheless.Dare I say the lacrosse teams actually feels a little bit of pressure to go back to Final Fours this year and help keep our numbers up?

Between this and the success of the football program. we might actually have to start saying DOC Gross is doing a good job, you guys. Golf claps all around for everyone.

Now, let's reinstate 44 and then everything will be all set.