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Syracuse Basketball: Sneaker Pimps

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I've never been one for the whole sneaker thing. And I grew up in the middle of the whole Pump craze. It just never occured to me to care about what my sneakers look like. Do they fit? Is there that little space between my toes and the front of the shoe? Can I do the shoe store walk-of-shame comfortably? Done, these sound like great sneakers and I will wear them for way longer than I should.

But I get that it's a big deal for a lot of people (weirdos). Especially, basketball players. Donna Ditota dove into the heady world of Syracuse basketball players and their sneaks. As you can imagine, it's a big deal.

"Guys love shoes," Shworles said. "Shoes to them are the coolest part because they really get enticed by what player they idolize and they want to wear their shoe. Or they want to wear the style that looks coolest. And the most comfortable."

"It’s called ‘swag,’" said SU freshman Dion Waiters. "Your ‘swag’ on the court. Just having the best sneaks or playing in the best sneaks. Or whatever feels comfortable to you."

The player seem pretty divided on their 'swag.' Scoop like's Kobes, Kris like Hyperfuse and Fab Melo like "bright colors." Freshmen...

Regardless on how they differ in terms of style and color, there's one thing everyone can agree on. As long a there's a humongous Nike swoosh running up and down the length of the shoe, everybody wins. Mostly Nike, but, bonus points for everyone else.