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Rob Long On The Road To Recovery

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Very good confirmation on what we had been hearing regarding Rob Long's brain surgery to remove a tumor.  According to his father, the surgery was successful and Rob has begun the recovery process.

Bob Long said his son’s surgery was successful, according to neurosurgeon Dr. David Andrews, who removed the benign tumor in a procedure at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

“He said it was very large,” Bob Long said. “But they felt they got what they needed to get.”

Long said his son went into surgery about 8 a.m. He didn’t know how long the operation lasted, but he and his wife, Mary Jo, were able to see their son in the early afternoon.

Long is already tweeting again and sent a letter of gratitude out to all of his fans and friends in the SU community.

To my supporters, friends, and family you have kept my spirits high through this difficult process. The vast amount of support and encouraging words that I have received over the past two weeks has been nothing short of inspirational. I would like to thank those across the college football community who have extended their thoughts and prayers toward my family and I, as it is greatly appreciated. The outreach of support from the Syracuse community and my hometown has been extremely positive and uplifting. It is truly amazing to experience the compassion and encouragement from so many individuals, many whom I never met. This experience has given me a new perspective on what is truly important and that we all must cherish the opportunities that we are given in life.

Looking forward to seeing Rob on the sidelines in the Pinstripe Bowl.