Tailgating at Pinstripe Bowl

Just an update for all those people with lots of chest hair who will be tailgating outside, in pure college football fashion, for the Pinstripe Bowl. I've been doing some research into the issue, and it's been a little confusing thanks to everything being a corporate enterprise with the new stadium. The word that I got from Yankee Stadium is that all normal lots for yankee games will be open.

Here's a link to the lots:

The website says open flames are prohibited. But that was ridiculous, so I went ahead and called their offices. The word that I got from them is that open flames are allowed in the open air lots (surface lots - look more so for the self park ones obviously) and that the lots would be opening 5 hours prior to the event. So I believe we are looking at 10:30 a.m. if their word is correct. She said that technically they aren't supposed to allow open flames, but in asking for clarification she said that if I brought a charcoal grill it wouldn't be a problem, but a massive grill would be. I plan on taking a few Weber classic grills.

10:30 should be fine, I was hoping a little early but I guess this allows a little more sleep. One final word of advice. MAKE SURE TO bring solo cups for your beverages. I know in the past they've ticketed people with open containers.

Hopefully this means there will be a decent tailgate scene. If you can make it tailgating up in the Cuse no excuses. Breathe in that fresh Bronx air...that's right....breathe it in.