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When Is Fab Melo's Achilles Not His Achilles?

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...when it's his calf muscle!

Freshman center Fab Melo said Wednesday that the injury to his lower leg is not an Achilles problem after all. He has a tear, he said, in the calf muscle of his right leg.

"It's been there for like two weeks," he said. "I thought it was my Achilles, but it hurts (in) the whole area."

It's understandable. Syracuse is so used to dealing with Achilles' Heel injuries, they probably just assume every tweak and sprain is an Achilles tear at this point. (Ed. Note: Obviously I'm aware an ACL is different than an Achillie heel. Obviously. I think that's obvious. Obviously...ugh.)

Torn calf muscle? Achilles tear. Sprained ankle? Achilles tear. Cut on finger? Achilles' tear.

Melo is going to be a game-time decision for the Iona game. He won't practice until Friday and then Boeheim will make the call on Saturday. Until then, Melo's leg stays in  protective boot and we wait...