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Syracuse Fans, Win Pinstripe Bowl Tickets With Your "Wholly Guacamole" Moment

This post is sponsored by Wholly Guacamole, the official guacamole, salsa and queso of the Pinstripe Bowl


A few days ago I posted a link to a Pinstripe Bowl ticket giveaway that Wholly Guacamole was hosting (which ended yesterday). So many of you guys signed up for it that the fine folks over there decided to sweeten the pot for you.

They're sharing some pretty ridiculous prizes with us and all they ask in return is the answer to one question...

What was the moment this Syracuse football season that made you scream "Wholly Guacamole!?!?"

Was it when Syracuse scored their first touchdown of the season against Akron and you knew this was going to be a special year?

Was it when Nassib hit Sales in the endzone to lock up the Orange's first victory over USF in school history?

Was it when Ross Krautman connected on a 24-yard field goal with 1:07 remaining to clinch SU's second-straight win over Rutgers?

Or was it something else altogether?

All you need to do is leave your answer in the comments. Name your favorite moment from the 2010 season and why it was so special. By doing so, you'll be automatically-entered to win one of the prizes that Wholly Guacamole have offered up.

This is where things get good...

GRAND PRIZE - Two (2) winners selected at random will win FOUR (4) free tickets each to the Pinstripe Bowl. Whoa.

SECOND PRIZE - Three (3) winners selected at random will receive a Wholly Guacamole Pinstripe Prize Pack, which includes enough guacamole, salsa an queso for you and ten friends to watch the Pinstripe Bowl.

Deadline for entry is Wednesday, December 22nd, 11:59 PM EST. All comment entries received after that will be disqualified. One entry per screen-name. Winners will be announced here on Thursday, December 23rd and tickets/prize packs will be sent out on Friday to ensure timely delivery.

Good luck to you and have a great time at the Pinstripe Bowl or watching it on TV. Check out Homegaiting HQ for more info, recipes and coupons.