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Syracuse Fans, Time To Grab Your Package

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You've probably seen those ticket packages SU Athletics is offering up today. How could you miss it? Whether by email, tweet, Facebook message, carrier pigeon, telegram or punch in the face, they made sure you're aware.

There's a lot to choose from with each one, so let's break them down and make sure you know what to ask for when you buy one (or all) of them.

Package No. 1 - Men’s Basketball: Two tickets to one of the following games: Iona, Morgan State, Drexel, Providence, Cincinnati, Seton Hall, Rutgers or DePaul; two passes to Club 44; one parking pass

You'd think that grabbing two Big East tickets would be the no-brainer but I'm not so sure. That Drexel game looks a helluva lot more interesting today than it did yesterday. Don't sleep on Morgan State either, they're just the kind of team to give us a run.

From the Big East selection, run far, far away from that DePaul game. Providence is currently 10-2 and it's always fun to watch the Orange burst the Friars' bubble. Seton Hall could be a good one if you enjoy watching Jeremy Hazell shoot, because he will be doing plenty of that.

Sean's Picks: Drexel and Providence

Package No. 2 - Women’s Basketball: Four tickets to a home game; free parking; $10 concession coupon

It doesn't say if any home games are exempt from the deal so we'll assume they're all on the table. Sorry but the UConn game is on the road this year and games against ranked squads West Virginia and Notre Dame are away as well. As is the Georgetown game. Setting aside the non-conference games left, there are eight to choose from. My choices take into account how good the opponents are and any kind of rivalry that comes with them.

Sean's Picks: Rutgers (Jan. 11th), USF (Jan. 29th), DePaul (Feb. 8th) and L'ville (Feb. 16th)

Package No. 3 - Men’s Lacrosse: Four tickets to a home game; four passes to Club 44; one parking pass

You've got nine games to choose from and there's some pretty solid choices in there. The season kicks off against the ever-getting-better Denver. Then, the rematch we've been waiting all off-season for with Army. Following that up Virginia, which often ends up being the game of the year. Johns Hopkins comes to town a few weeks later for their annual ass-kicking. Cornell comes to the Dome to get their heart-broken again in April.  Finally, Notre Dame visits the Dome after going to the NCAA Finals last year in what could be the de facto Big East Championship game.

Sean's Picks: Army (for the vengeance factor), Virginia (duh), Hopkins (duh) and Notre Dame (Big East rivalry begins anew). I wouldn't blame you for swapping in Cornell for one of those games either.

Package No. 4 - Football: Two tickets to a home game; two passes to Club 44; one parking pass

This is looking ahead a little but, however we do know which games we'll be able to choose from already. The OOC home schedule includes Toledo, Wake Forest and Rhode Island while the Big East home sched will be USF, West Virginia, Cincy and Rutgers.  A lot of different ways you can go with this one. None of those non-conference games really excite me, but if you wanted one, go Wake Forest. In the Big East, West Virginia is a no-brainer and then it's really between Rutgers and USF as far as I'm concerned.

Sean's Picks: West Virginia and Rutgers. Two great rivals, two great games (we hope).

Packages are available over the phone (1-888-DOMETIX, press 0) or in person at the Carrier Dome Box Office.