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Syracuse Daily Links - Orange Empire State Building, Take II

Tourism > ESB Right Now > Tower Lights - Empire State Building
On December 29th, the Empire State Building will be lit up half orange for Syracuse and half purple for Kansas State. Never stand on the side of the purple half.

2010-11 College Football Bowl Predictions From
Syracuse expected to win 64.2% of the time!

Inventor of The Tug seeking investors |
Old photo of Syracuse University football players using The Tug during training.

Syracuse University Athletics - In Good Company
For the second-consecutive season, Syracuse is one of three Division I schools, along with Duke and Connecticut, to have undefeated men and women’s basketball teams. Entering the seventh week of the season, the 24/rv women are 8-0 on the season while the 5/5 men are 10-0.

Completely off topic - Cuse Country today carried this story about two potato chip distributors who have been sabotaging each other’s product and recently got in a fistfight over it. One of them works for Terrell’s, which means that there could be some damaged bags of Otto Puffs out there.

Southerland tries to work into rotation | The Juice Online
"If I keep working hard and stay consistent everything will work out," Southerland said. "Coach just tells me I need to go out and make shots, rebound, and most importantly do stuff defensively. You can’t always depend on your shots to fall. You have to bring something else to the table."

Triche rediscovers shooting touch | The Juice Online
"I think going further my stats are going to rise," Triche said. "I hit a little slump early, but everyone goes through that. I think in the upcoming games, you’ll see me knock a few more threes down."

The Syracuse Football Pre-Game Experience - iframe
A wide variety of people cross paths during a typical Saturday football afternoon. Some are there trying to make a buck off food or novelties, while others show up merely to take part in the drinking festivities.

Drexel deals Louisville shocking first loss - Card Chronicle
I'm not sure whether to make a joke or voice how pissed I truly am. I'm not sure whether this will serve as a wake-up call or a catalyst to the disappointing season we feared and so many predicted. I'm not sure if the first eight games of the season were completely misleading or if the team that showed up out of nowhere this evening will be banished for good by the time Big East play rolls around.

Congrats to Donny and Kourtnie, who kicked off their marriage the right way...

Kenny recaps the week in Syracuse Orange basketball and looks ahead at the final three non-conference games before the Orange begin their 2011 Big East Conference slate.