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The Syracuse Women & The Big Bad Baylor Bears

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So, your interest is officially piqued in Syracuse women's basketball now that the team has knocked off the No. 6 team in  the nation and gotten themselves ranked? Well if you're getting on the bandwagon, get on now. It could get a whole lot more interesting moving forward.

First, a note about the win over Ohio State. Buckeye head coach Jim Foster is handling the loss well, by belittling Syracuse's efforts and putting the blame squarely on the fact that OSU looked past the Orange.

"There’s no doubt in my mind that have not been looking past what’s in front of us," he said.

"We had one blip we shouldn’t have had," he said. "That’s a learning curve — taking things for granted and not working as hard as we should. The frustration with Syracuse was us, what we didn’t do."

By the way, that first quote is not an actual sentence.

The Orange were criticized for not scheduling tough last season. Well that's not going to be an issue after SU plays Baylor on Dec. 21 in the first round of the Bahamas Sunsplash Shootout, which totally sounds like the event at the end of an 80's movie where the good guy finally overcomes all his obstacles, embarrasses the bad guy and gets the girl.

UConn is the cream of the crop in women's basketball but the Baylor Bears are next-in-line for their crown right now. The Bears lost to the Huskies in the NCAA Finals Semifinals last year and are coming off a 65-54 win over No. 6 Tennessee. That game was played in front of10,569 fans, the largest crowd to ever watch a Baylor basketball game (men's or women's). So, they're a big deal.

SU is going to have a pickle of a time containing 6'8" Brittney Griner. She's on record for multiple dunks during games, blocks shots like it's no big deal and currently averages 22.7 points per game. Kayla Alexander, you're up.

So if you're keeping track, the Orange have the chance to truly make history. They will be play No. 2 Baylor and then they'll line up against No. 1 UConn in a few weeks. Want to remake the program? Wins over Ohio State are awesome, wins over Baylor and UConn are awesomer.

The Orange follow up the Baylor game with a game against 6-3 Clemson the following day.

Also, for folks interested in the women's team and the football team, your day has been saved. The start time for the women’s game against Bryant on Thur., Dec. 30 has been changed to noon so that fans can watch that while still having time to spare before the Pinstripe Bowl begins at 3:20 p.m.