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Pinstripe Bowl: Practice & Off The Field Updates

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Syracuse is doing something this week it hasn't done in years. Practicing for a football game in mid-December. The team is in Manley as that new indoor practice facility really comes in handy just in time. Van Chew sat out as he recovered from injury while Da'Mon Merkerson and Delone Carter were dressed but did not scrimmage, though they did participate in drills.

Walk-on QB James Jarrett also took some reps as a punter. So we'll see how that goes...

Some news concerning a couple players that won't be suiting up for the Pinstripe Bowl in a few weeks:

First up, Rob Long, who is apparently recovering well from brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. The players received word from the coaching staff that everything went well also. Hopefully we'll get an official statement from his family today confirming, but all signs point to good things.

Second is freshman WR Jarrod West who continued to rehab his broken foot. Injury aside, West probably would have been an up-and-coming contributor this season. The good news is he's on target to do so next season:

"I went through 13 weeks of rehabilitation where they were doing things to my foot like balance and trying to get my strength back," West said. "I had atrophy in my leg, so I got my leg back to strength and full force, and now I’m starting to sprint a little bit. I ran routes yesterday, so . . ."

"A lot of ups and downs," West said, "but I found my median. I mean, I look at all the positives. I learned the whole playbook and got a lot stronger. It was hard, but it was a great learning process for me. It was a good time to get on the academic side and get in the weight room."

Meanwhile over on the Kansas State side of things, two Kansas State seniors earned honors as running back Daniel Thomas and kick returner William Powell have been named 2010 All-Americans by Thomas recorded the second-most rushing yards in a season at K-State with 1,495 this season, which is also a new record for a senior back. Powell currently leads the league and nation in kickoff returns with a 34.6-yard average.