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The Carrier Dome Hearts The Metrodome

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As you know, the Metrodome had a bit of a leak the other day, causing not only the Giants-Vikings game to move to Detroit but will require some quick and heavy reconstruction.

Like usual, the Carrier Dome is here to save the day.

The Carrier Dome in Syracuse was also Birdair's design, and it shares many of the same characteristics; officials in Syracuse were able to send three unused panels to Minneapolis to help with the repairs. Syracuse is no stranger to heavy snow, and crews at the Carrier Dome know what it takes to keep the dome from collapsing.

Considering the Metrodome and Carrier Dome are practically sisters and have the same design behind their roofs, the question becomes, "Can this happen here?" Technically...yeah.

Sala said what happened in Minnesota could just as easily happen in Syracuse. "I’ve been telling everybody at the university," said Sala, "you’re as vulnerable as the next big snowstorm."

A major snowstorm walloped the Central New York region just last week, dumping roughly 4 feet of snow on Syracuse over the course of four days. "I didn’t sleep from Sunday night to Thursday," Sala said. "You get so stressed out, it’s just incredible. It’s a nightmare."

Not to say the Dome isn't well-prepared to prevent something like this. They heat the roof to a balmy 85 degrees whenever snow is approaching and there are cameras constantly watching the roof for any sign of depression. And of course the roof can always be deflated if needed...though that's a super pain in the rear.

Good to know Pete Sala and the Dome crew are all over it. And as for Sala's fears that a tear could happen at our Dome, well the good part of the Metrodome tear is that it woke everyone else up about the possibilities too.