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Pinstripe Bowl: Where Do We Go, What Do We Do & How Do We Do It

You're going to the Pinstripe Bowl. You'll be in New York City for a couple days. You're going to the game on the 30th.

Other than that, you're not really sure what the heck to do.

Thankfully, there's a lot of folks out there willing to help. First up is Hart Seely who put together a solid starter guide that will help you get around and plan accordingly. Sometimes the most obvious things to know are the things we forget to check, like say, the subway.

If you do decide to take the subway, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority tells Yankee fans to take the 4 B and D trains to the 161st Street-Yankee Stadium complex. If you're partying at Blarney Rock before the game head to nearby Penn Station where A and C line trains will connect you to B and D trains to the ballpark. Subway fares are $2.25 each way or $8.25 for a one-day pass good for unlimited subway and local bus rides. Staying all week? A seven-day unlimited pass costs $27. (

Ed. Note: You WILL be partying at the Blarney Rock before the game. FYI.

Jesse Schmitt over at Yahoo! Sports has a "everything you need to know" rundown about the Pinstripe Bowl as well. Schmitt includes some pertinent info for those who are near Yankee Stadium and hungry:

Much of the options for dining nearby Yankee Stadium are also quite urban. Taco bell, McDonald's, Blimpie, and other fast food options abound. If you're looking for something a little bit nicer, try the Yankee Tavern (72 East 161st St) for a cold one or the Feeding Tree (892 Gerard Ave) for some great and affordable Jamaican food.

By the way, you probably want to avoid the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers (which I have stayed at and is has awful hotel rooms), that's where the Kansas State folks are staying.

But enough of this "expert" discussion...the truth is, you're probably not going to find better sources for where to go, what to do and how to do it than from New York City-based Syracuse fans. FINALLY, this is your time to shine New Yorkers. For the first time ever, you can share your opinions with the rest of the country. Fill us in on the "must-see" spots and "must-eat" restaurants.

I worked in NYC for a couple years a long time ago and visit every other year so I'm not the best for giving advice. All I can really tell you is...

1. You should be spending about four hours total in the Bronx. That would be for the actual game. Otherwise, GET TO DA CHOPPA and get out of there!

2. Grey's Papaya's Recession Special. I may or may not have lived off this deal for six months straight.

3. Times Sqaure is the most godforsaken place on Earth, aside from Storrs, CT. You want to visit New York City? THAT is not New York City? That's overcrowded, tourist bulls**t. You're better than that. Go to the Village. Or Brooklyn. Or Chelsea. ANYWHERE else.

4. If you're driving up through New Jersey, 'tis better to park in Hoboken and take the PATH train than to try driving into the city. If I teach you nothing else...

That's about all I can give you. Now it's your turn...