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Birthday (And Well) Wishes To Rob Long

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Syracuse's favorite punter, Rob Long, probably didn't want to spend his birthday getting MRI scans and prepping for brain surgery tomorrow. He'd probably rather be prepping for the Pinstripe Bowl with his teammates.

Here we are, unfortunately. The good news is that Rob seems in high spirits and is bringing everyone along for the ride via his Twitterfeed. So head on over there and wish Rob a happy birthday. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

Besides, we're going to be rooting for Rob for a long time. Better get used to doing it.

During a recent discussion about the procedure, a doctor was making small talk, asking Rob what he intended to do after graduation, his father said. When Rob told him he intended to try to win a job playing in the National Football League, the doctor did a double-take -- looking at the 6-foot-3, 190-pound Rob, then back at Bob and Mary Jo.

When the family confirmed that Rob was a college punter, who indeed was qualified for an NFL tryout, the doctor gave the plan his blessing.

"Absolutely," Bob Long recalled the doctor as saying. "There’s no reason he cannot just go on and continue to perform."