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The Shocking Secrets Behind Orange In The Apple

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So, as you might remember, December 7th was a banner day in New York City for Syracuse Athletics. The day began with Doug Marrone walking across Yankee Stadium and talking to the media at the Pinstripe Bowl press conference. It continued when the Syracuse basketball team dominated Michigan State at Madison Square Garden. And to cap the entire experience of, the Empire State Building was aglow in a beautiful, orange hue.

Bud Poliquin asked DOC Gross how he was able to pull off that magnificent feat and DOC was a little coy on the specifics...

Did you happen to look up at the Empire State Building last Tuesday evening? Did you, by any chance, see the city’s signature structure on the night Syracuse played Michigan State in Madison Square Garden?

Uh huh. The top quarter or so of the very edifice once scaled by King Kong, his hairy self, was bathed on celebratory purpose in orange lights. Hand to God.

"I can’t divulge my secrets," answered Gross when asked how he pulled off that one. "Otherwise, Rutgers will want to do it. Connecticut will want to do it. There is a process, but it doesn’t hurt to know some people who know some people, if you know what I mean."

Oh Bud, how easily swayed are you. For many of us already know DOC's magical secret. It's a secret so elaborate, so secretive, that even the bank is involved.

By that I mean The Food Bank For New York City, which just so happened to be hosting a special event at the Empire State Building on December 7th. The group's primary color is orange and, if you're able to piece the puzzle together, the real reason the ESB was orange. Extremely convenient timing that worked out well for us...but that's about it.

And I'm not too worried about Rutgers figuring out how to light up the Empire State Building, something tells me they "know some people" as well.