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Syracuse Daily Links - Malcolm Cater Arraigned

Cater arraigned, held on bail for South Campus burglaries - The Daily Orange - News
Syracuse University freshman Malcolm Cater is being held on bail of $50,000 cash or $100,000 bond for each charge in three South Campus burglaries.

An incredible journey " Local Sports " The Herald Bulletin
Smith, whose full first name is Tajiddin, was one of the few heroes in the Indianapolis Colts’ 38-35 overtime loss. Ironically, a week earlier he’d been doing the same thing as the fans who cheered him so lustily when his block gave the Colts brief hope. "I was home watching games," he told reporters, "and eating Sunday dinner."

Brandon Triche busts out of his shooting slump |
"It felt great," the sophomore guard said. "I haven’t made a 3-pointer since I can’t even remember. Early November or something. Just to knock down my first one gave me a lot of confidence to shoot more."

Fab Melo limited by sore Achilles |
"I’m getting treatment," he said, "but it isn’t working that much. It really hurt tonight. In warm-ups, it was hurting. But I wanted to play, so I started the game. I tried to play, but I couldn’t. It was hurting too much."

Otto's Army : Marrone Looks to Keep NY State’s Most Talented In-State This Weekend
Make no mistake about it; this is the single biggest recruiting visit the football program has hosted in a decade. Williams is a legitimate top 50 player in his class and is probably the best prospect in the northeast this year.

Who Was This MSG Mystery Hottie At The Syracuse Game? : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
She flashed some sick jewelry, a curvaceous body and that look of "Are we done here yet? I want a martini at Nobu." The Fizz was instantaneously mesmerized.

Otto's Army : It Was A Pretty Good Year
With 2011 just weeks away, it’s time to look back at the ten best moments for Syracuse sports in 2010

This week's Jim Boeheim Press Conference Highlight (Brought To You By Key Bank), Little Boeheim chimes in at 2:14 with the important questions of the day: