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Collier 'Brokenhearted,' Potential Syracuse RB Recruit...Not So Much

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Averin Collier's high school coach, Paul Dick, stopped by the Danny Parkins Show today to talk about the RB's surprise departure from the team.

Dick, who remains close to Collier, said it is his understanding that Collier did not take one of his finals in the spring semester, and instead went on a trip to Virginia with friends, which is how he became academically ineligible to play this season.

Oof, that's some Mike William-esque decision-making right there.

That still doesn't quite explain how Collier left the team considering he spent the entire Fall working to regain his academic standing for next season. But I suppose we'll never quite know exactly what happened. Dick says that Collier is looking for another school to play for immediately, so naturally you should expect him to end up at Hampton.

Collier departure leaves the Syracuse backfield looking mighty thin on experience. Even when you throw in the young RBs who dont have experience, it's not exactly deep. It's exactly the kind of situation a top RB prospect would look at it and think they might have a chance to make immediate impact.

Enter Adonis Ameen-Moore. The Fizz fellas spoke to three-star recruit Ameen-Moore, who is well-aware of the Orange thanks to his former high school teammate and current SU QB Jonny Miller. AAM is still in the process of choosing his future school but he's not exactly put-off by the news that there's another open spot on the Syracuse roster.

"Yes, of course, it’s gonna draw me to it," Ameen-Moore said of the carries vacated by Collier’s absence."[I'm] sad to see him go, but happy he did leave."

Fair enough, such is life for college football players. Moore visited Syracuse on October 16th (The Pitt loss, blech). He's also visited Colorado, Colorado State and Utah. He has offers from the aforementioned schools as well as Northwestern and Kansas State.

Me thinks he'll be watching the Pinstripe Bowl very intently.