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Syracuse Daily Links - Bring On The Texas Recruits

TCU to Big East helps everyone - ESPN
"I can't speak for the other schools in our league but I think we are going to try and take advantage of it," Syracuse coach Doug Marrone said. "We have good a alumni base in all the major cities in Texas. If there is interest, we will go down there and recruit those kids. We have had Texas players in the past here at Syracuse, and this will just open up doors for us. I hope we can take advantage of it."

Ranking the Big East bowl lineup - Big East Blog - ESPN
These Wildcats have a powerful running game and are capable of throwing big numbers up on the scoreboard. Syracuse must win with defense, as its offense really gasped to the finish line. I think the time off could help the Orange heal some nagging injuries and add some wrinkles to the attack, but this game also has the potential to be an ugly one to watch.

For your information - Cuse Country
A few weeks ago I noticed that Fab Melo chose the same jersey number as Craig Forth had worn, and that Brandon Triche had switched to Sherman Douglas’ #20. This got me wondering about uniform numbers in general through SU hoops history, and during a sleepless night I went through the season-by-season information available at and compiled a list.

What’s Really Driving SU’s 9-0 Start? |
Thursday morning, I came across this piece on, which has some insight into why the Orange are off to a 9-0 start, despite Fab Melo’s slow development, Scoop Jardine’s wild play and the lack of anything resembling decent shot selection in the halfcourt offense. Once the article crowned through my vaunted Twitter feed, let’s just say I didn’t need any coffee to wake me up.

Four Loko is now a no-no in New York |
Many who try Four Loko, which came in flavors like blue raspberry, cranberry lemonade and watermelon, liken its taste to cough syrup. But for William Blake, a junior film student at Syracuse University, it is simply an acquired taste. "When I first had beer, I thought, this is gross, why would anybody drink beer? But you grow to like it," he said. "Why is it good? I mean, it’s equivalent to four beers, so it’s pretty effective, and it also has energy drink qualities and it keeps you alive at the party."

The Curious Case of Averin Collier: Why He Was Dismissed from SU : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
So how did we get here? Collier was a free spirit (remember Averin leaked us the new SU uniforms on his Twitter page) and it’s possible that never fit with Doug Marrone’s structured, unflinching persona. Mike Williams’ soap opera has made the program sensitive to academic issues, and Collier probably danced too close to the edge.

The Cuse Connection: Down the Stretch of Non-Conference Games
These final tune-ups will give Syracuse a chance to stretch their legs on offense and try out some new looks. For those fans who want to see Mookie Jones and James Southerland on the floor, this will be your chance (and their chance as well) to show Jim Boeheim whether or not they should be considered for minutes once the Big East Conference slate of games begins on December 28th.

Can SU Keep the Country’s Two Biggest Hoops Recruits in CNY? : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
Stewart is the consensus best female recruit in the country. The Vols’ Pat Summit was in Central New York last week. Summit’s best friend Geno Auriemma will make it up to the snow belt as well. Big East all-freshman team - Big East Blog - ESPN
We talked a lot about the big dogs on the All-Big East teams on Wednesday. Now it's time to honor the pups. Here are my choices for the top freshmen

Meet Yaw Gyawu, Colgate's leading scorer and rebounder. He's even got something in common with Fab Melo.