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Syracuse Basketball: Great Kids, Don't Get Cocky

Syracuse is 9-0 and all of a sudden everyone and their mother are praising the Orange. You name the ESPN or college basketball pundit and their talking up Rick Jackson, Scoop Jardine, The 2-3 Zone and the team's chances this season.

That's all well and good. I just have one piece of advice for the Orange. Well, actually it's Han Solo's piece of advice:

From this Saturday until December 22nd, the Orange will face a collection of teams that sound like sure-things but, as we should know, are anything but. They are the New York State "rivals," the directional schools, the schools with the word "state" in their name even though they're not really a state (Cleveland State, anyone?).

On paper, the Orange should win all four of these games. And therein should lie your concern. Scoop Jardine couldn't stop talking about how good SU was after their big win. C.J. Fair said afterward that "All you hear about is the Dukes, Michigan States and Kansas," pointing out that the Orange belong in that category.

Just like that, the cocky streak has returned to the basketball team, making it the perfect time for them to look past someone they shouldn't.

First up its Colgate and that's one game I don't think we have anything to worry about. The Raiders are 0-7 and haven't beaten SU since 1961.

After that it's a 6-3 Iona, who have won six straight.

Then it's a Morgan State team that might be 3-4 but is still a two-time defending conference champion capable of doing damage.

Finally it's 5-1 Drexel, whom Bruiser Flint has heading in the right direction. They get Louisville before us so we'll have a better idea of how they'll be after that.

Like I said, all four contests are winnable and should be won. But that's exactly why the Orange need to be on their game...