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Syracuse Daily Links - Syracuse Trying To Stay Healthy

Marrone looks to get Syracuse back to full strength - The Daily Orange - Sports
"I don't want to get into a situation where we were last year at the end of the year," Marrone said, "where we lose two players within a series and next thing you know we might have had to put a player out on the field who really has never played that position. And we were close this week."

Despite New York City billboard, SU cross country team attempts to stay grounded - The Daily Orange - Sports
"It was kind of surprising," SU head coach Chris Fox said. "We had heard that the Big East was putting something together for Times Square, but we didn't know it would be on that grand of a scale. Taking up half of a building is kind of cool."

Early signing period always full of surprises - ESPN
Tobias Harris, on the other hand, kept everyone guessing. "He made everybody feel like they were getting him," Syracuse assistant Mike Hopkins said. "I saw Larry Harrison of West Virginia and he said they thought they were getting him. I thought we were getting him. Everybody thought they were getting him."

Rutgers starts preparation for Syracuse | |
"Today we had our first meeting on Syracuse and what they do and found out that they're about a 50-percent pressure or blitz team," said Dodd, who was penciled in as the starter ahead of Tom Savage on Monday thanks to a 19-for-22, 139-yards passing performance last Wednesday at USF. "Not everyday do you see a defense that does that."

THE CFB BUYERS' GUIDE: UP-AND-COMERS - Every Day Should Be Saturday
Statistically, at least, the Orange aren't that impressive in any area other than defense, and even then it may only be because of their competition; it's possible that Syracuse, crammed away in the closed environment of the Big East and surrounded by a bunch of teams few savvy investors would want anything to do with, is nothing more than the college football equivalent of "law school hot."

Some Monday reading material… | Big East Excess
If they can find some offensive competence, there’s no reason Rutgers can’t win this game (double negative, baby!). If ‘Cuse loses this game, the Marrone era takes a big step back. I think ‘Cuse wins, and possibly by two touchdowns.

This Week in the Big East Apocalypse - Voodoo Five
The Big East's worst case scenario takes a turn for the worse, as there is a four team tie for first. Click to see who ends up "winning" the conference.

Big East Football Power Rankings Week 10 - The UConn Blog
Orange remain No. 2 in the Big East Power Rankings of SBNation's Big East blogs.

NCAA Basketball Bracketology: Absurdly Early Picks For The New Season -
Cuse is a three-seed in these absurdly-early bracketology picks.

On a very special episode of Kenny's 2 Pennies this week, Kenny recaps the Louisville game and looks ahead to Rutgers.