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Syracuse Basketball Is Back & Oranger Than Ever

via Dennis Nett <a href=""></a>
via Dennis Nett

The Post-Standard went nuts with their SU basketball preview today. Le's sift through the bulk of information for the best nuggets and see what we're in store for tonight against Lemoyne and this season in general:

Scoop Jardine has come a long way from his array of stripe-y shirts. He's now been voted the best-dressed player on the team. Some other notable quotes from the player Q&A:

If you could change places with one celebrity, who would it be?

Scoop Jardine: Justin Bieber

Who is the most ruthless competitor on the team?

James Southerland: Matt Lyde. Hands down.
Brandon Triche: Brandon Reese. He just tackles people (for photo ops).

Fab Melo is excited to show people he can deliver on the high expectations. He's also ready to showcase what might end up being his most valuable asset this season...misspoken English colloquialisms.

It’s great in here. That’s one of the reasons I came here. We have everything we need in here. And it’s called ‘Melo.’ You can make a lot of fun with that.

Think the Chipotle Curse is dead? Maybe not. The SU basketball team got a bad omen the other day while waiting in line for their barbacoa.

They ran into each other recently at the new Chipotle Mexican Grill on Erie Boulevard. Kris Joseph and Scoop Jardine, dressed in their Syracuse University practice gear, and Chris Johnson, Can Ozkaner and Nate Champion, all wearing Le Moyne green and gold.

It made for an awkward few minutes. As the players inched forward in line at Chipotle, they occasionally eyed each other.

You want to know why we have to beat Lemoyne? So our basketball players can stride confidently into quick-serve restaurants without the fear of running into awkward situations like this.

Kris Joseph's goal this off-season? Turn his weakness (outside shooting) into a strength.

"I knew it was something I wanted to work on in the offseason a lot. Even 15-footers to the 3-point range. I’m not trying to be an 80 percent 3-point shooter, but just knocking that shot down consistently will make them guard me at the 3-point line," Joseph said. "I saw the adjustment that teams made last year. It was frustrating because I wasn’t probably a terrible shooter — well, I guess the percentage shows I was — but I feel like I was a better shooter than that. And this year, that’s what made me want to work extremely hard. I don’t want that to happen again — to feel like somebody’s disrespecting me."

Either all four of's predictors cheated off one another or somebody just cut and paste the same prediction over and over.

Jim Boeheim's prediction? We're going to be good.

"Everybody thinks I’m overly optimistic," he said. "But I’m not. We always think we’re going to be good. We lost a lot, but we have a lot of good players. We always have weapons. I mean, there were a few years where we might have been a little lean. But this year, we have enough talent. We’re not going to be lean this season."

Pearl Washington thinks there's going to be a breakout player and its a familiar name for him...

I like Howard Triche’s nephew (Brandon Triche). I just think this kid is going to have a breakout season. I think they need that from him. The person who’s going to run the point-guard position is the person who’s going to run the team. Brandon did a sensational job last year, but I think this season he’s going to step up even more. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of good stuff out of Brandon Triche.

Finally, it might be time to fire up MookieTransferWatch again. When asked whether or not Mookie might make an occasional appearance at small forward, Boeheim remarked, "I wouldn’t say that’s a strong possibility." Expect Mookie's time on the court to be limited and expect headbands to fly soon enough.

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