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Doug Marrone Monday Presser - Time To Make A Standpoint


I hate to say it but "tremendous" has been all but whitewashed from Doug Marrone's lexicon. There's almost no reason to continue tracking it in his Monday press conferences. Alas, that's why they pay me the big bucks. To do the tough word.



I just look at it from that standpoint and how we can help that person in the game plan to put them in a situation to do well and if it’s a team aspect, then we have to get that team ready to play.

It’s something from a standpoint as you are coaching during the week you are saying that let’s make sure we understand that so it’s second nature.


He did a nice job for us, he really did.

Notable quotable from Marrone in the presser revolves around how he views the Orange's wins and losses in terms of post-season eligibility:

"We go about it each game so when you win there is a sense of gratification and when you lose there is a sense of disappointment, but you need to move on and get ready to play the next opponent. I don’t think it’s what you said, at least from my point of view, because I really don’t discuss that and I just concentrate on the next opponent."

"We have an opportunity because it’s the next opponent. And that’s really how I speak. I don’t say we have three opportunities or four opportunities. We have an opportunity to win a football game this week. That’s how I address it."

Syracuse Football Post-Lousiville: Coach Marrone's Monday Press Conference