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Syracuse Basketball: Pissed Off For The New Season

Syracuse's men's and women's basketball teams are about to get their game on. That means the SU Media  Guides for both squads are out. Both teams had great regular seasons but weren't happy with the way the post-season ended. And so, they both have a common theme carrying them into the 2010-2011 year.

That theme would be, "Hurry Up And Take The F**king Picture So We Can Finish Our Business, Which Is At Present Time Unfinished."



Is someone going to talk to Brandon Triche about that hair? Please? We're on TV in a few days, we can't have this.

Also, what's the significance of the three open collars on Boeheim's right and three zipped-up jumpsuits on his left? There's some serious DaVinci Code stuff going on here.

Check out the men's media guide here and the womens media guide here.