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Syracuse Still Lingers In Rankings & Ratings

Despite their loss to Louisville on Saturday, the Orange are still showing up on the fringe of the rankings.

The Orange received two votes in the AP Poll, 50% more than FCS Delaware. And lest you think we have two fans out there, it's actually one crazy voter who decided to place us at No. 24. Thanks Dave Foster of WZTV!

The Harris Poll gave SU ten votes in their poll, which makes us around No. 38 in the country.

In the BCS standings, the Orange fell to No. 43 overall. Pitt is now the top Big East squad at No. 36 while West Virginia is right behind SU at No. 46.

The Orange did not receive any votes in the Coaches Poll or Legends Poll.  Fair enough.

Syracuse had maintained the No. 2 spot in most Power Rankings for the last couple weeks. They dropped to No. 4 in Brian Bennett's latest rankings, behind South Florida (?).  The problem is that everyone has beaten everyone in the conference so there's going to be strange rankings every week.