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Chipotle Openly Daring Syracuse At This Point

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As had been rumored for some time now, it looks like Chipotle is coming to Marshall Street.

Chipotle's proposal to replace the Marshall Street King David's has won approval from the Syracuse Planning Commission. The plan, which requires city approval for interior and exterior renovations and a waiver of parking requirements, heads next to the city's Common Council. It's on the council's Monday agenda.

It's been only a few weeks since we declared the Chipotle Curse null and void. And yet...I can't help but feel like we've been lulled into a false sense of security.

We still don't know the effects of the Curse on the basketball team. It began with them, who's to say it doesn't hang over their heads even now?

Syracuse is 2-0 since Chipotle came to town...but they haven't won a home game yet.

I guess we'll know this weekend about the second one. And if Lemoyne beats us again, well, we'll know our answer to the first one. Make mo mistake, Chipotle has seen the effects of their burritos and it has acted swiftly. Up until a month ago, no Chipotles within striking distance. Now...we have one and the next one will be right on our doorstep. There will be no shelter, no safehouse, no security that we can hide behind.

Where we go from one really knows.