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How Do You Like To Watch Syracuse Sports?

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November 20th game against UConn will be the first football game I watch inside the Carrier Dome since 1999 (27-10 win over Temple). I've seen the Orange play a couple times since then but they've been away games (Rutgers, 2003; Washington, 2010). It's not surprise that SU is 0-2 in those games. It's my penance for not going back sooner.

As a far away Cuse fan, I've watched Syracuse football over the past decade through various TV screens. Crummy screens, Flat screens, HD name the screen, I've watched Syracuse throw for an incomplete on third down on it. While I'm excited to head back to the Dome and watch the Orange in action, the truth is that's how I'll experience most Syracuse games for the rest of my life. So if I'm going to watch all this Syracuse stuff on TV, it might as well be a good one.

I own Tivo and have used it to my advantage when possible. But it's not the same. It's not like watching a game live. You can trick yourself somewhat but the truth is there's always something missing. Since Syracuse isn't exactly a ratings bonanza in places like Seattle, that means if I want to watch the game live, I have to head out to a bar more often than not.

When I do find a bar, I'm looking for three things.

1. Tons of HD TVs

2. Satellite access

3. The possibility of getting sound with the game

If you can give me those three things, you've got me. You serve food? Double-win. But as long as I can get the Syracuse game in picture-perfect clarity and possibly with sound (I temper my expectations), then I consider it a win.

Now it's your turn. Assuming you're not going to the game itself, how do you like to consume Syracuse sports? Are you a stay-at-home fan who just wants to watch the game from the your comfy chair? Do you need to be in a bar with like-minded fans (or just fans in general)? Do you like to wait until the game is over so you can watch it on a DVR and skip commercials?