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Syracuse vs. Louisville: Carter & Bailey Or Bust

Better start chuggin', Louisville. via <a href=""></a>
Better start chuggin', Louisville. via

Doug Marrone mentioned earlier in the week that he would attempt to fill the RB depth chart with an untested player or two to make sure there was some depth available begins Delone Carter and Antwon Bailey. Just as quickly, it seems as though Marrone realized it was a moot point considering the talent drop-off. Not to mention that the team is so thin as it is, to take from one area is to deplete another. And so, we're going with two RBs from here on out, folks...

That means if something happens to Carter and Bailey, Marrone would probably go with fullback Adam Harris behind Nassib.

Part of Marrone's decision was likely based on the speedy recovery of Carter, who sat out more than half of the West Virginia game Oct. 23 after taking a hard hit on the right hip. Carter played through pain in Cincinnati on Saturday, however, and hasn’t missed a beat in practice this week.

Might as well.  Believe me, if we ever get to the point where both those guys aren't available for us, it's not gonna make a difference who's back there...

Speaking of Adam Harris, he's one of a few SU players who's contributions don't show up on the stat sheet but have made a world of difference for the Orange this season.

"I take great pride in being able to block for Delone and Antwon," Harris said. "Even though you might not get a lot of media, those guys do a great job of always thanking you. When they score, you feel like you scored."

OL Michael Hay continues to sit out practice and will be a gametime decision for the Orange.

The story is simple this weekend. Win and we're in, a bowl game that is. For DL Andrew Lewis, he's spent six bowl-less years with Syracuse and he wants to make sure he goes out knowing what it feels like to play in one.

"Everyone knows what our record is," Lewis said. "Everyone knows how many wins we have to have to become bowl-eligible. It's in everyone's mind.

"(It's a feeling of) ‘This is it right here. This might be it. This could be it,'" Lewis said. "But we realize that it may not be it for us. Because if we lose, it'll be the next week. And if we lose that one, then the next week."

The Orange also need to prove something else to themselves and their fans. That they can win a big game at home. So far, SU's most notable wins have all come on the road. SU needs to win for the home crowd and also learn to fight through the distractions that come with being in Syracuse.

"Sometimes the people who love you the most will support you the most, but they also distract you the most," Marrone said. "It is just a matter of logistics. You definitely have less logistics on the road. Personally, I definitely have less logistics on the road than I do for a home game."

"Hopefully, we can create an environment that I remember that makes it difficult for these teams to come in and play," Marrone said. "We have that ability. The people who have been coming to the games have been great, they’re vocal and they really appreciate how hard these players have worked to be where we are now. For the people who aren’t, I invite them to come and see what we have to offer in our program."

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