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Orange No. 7/8 Depending On Who You Ask

Question how they win but the fact of the matter is the Orange do keep winning. At 6-0, Syracuse continues to remain high in the polls for it.

The AP has the Orange at No. 8 overall. This time Jeff Martin has company as the top vote-giver, joined by John Shinn of the Norman Transcript. Fair enough.

That said, three folks feel that the Orange have played such uninspired ball that they are still unworthy of a ranking.

The Coaches Poll does SU one better and puts them at No. 7. That's a three-spot jump from last week.

Other Big East teams in the rankings include Pitt (3/3), UConn (7/9), Villanova (12/12), Georgetown (16/14) and Notre Dame (25/UNR).

Here on SBNation, the Big East Power Rankings are out and the Orange drop a spot to No. 5. UConn jumped all the way to No. 2, forcing the drop. Let the record show that TCU isn't even here yet and they're already ranked ahead of DePaul.