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Syracuse Daily Links - TCU, Fab Melo & You

OrangeHoops: Getting to Know the Horned Frogs
What does TCU bring to the table for Big East basketball? The TCU Horned Frogs have been playing basketball since 1908-1909, and have an overall record of 1091-1250 (entering the 2010-2011 season).

For TCU hoops, joining the Big East will be 'tremendously tough' - The Dagger - NCAAB  - Yahoo! Sports
"Joining the Big East is going to be a difficult task for them," Tubbs said. "It will open doors for recruits because people will want to play in the Big East because of the reputation of the conference. On the other hand, even though the recruits may be better, they're still way down in the pecking order as far as that conference goes. They're going to get better recruits than they get right now, but so does everyone else in that league."

3-Pointers: Syracuse's Melo not so Fab so far - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News
"You can’t give people minutes," Boeheim told the media after Friday’s victory over Michigan. "They have to earn them, and he is not earning them right now. He’s got to be good on defense."

Notre Dame, UConn highlight Big East's early-season tournament success - ESPN
So far no other conference is close -- to the Big East -- in winning early-season tournaments. The Big East has won six traditional tournaments (those with at least semifinals and finals played on a neutral court)

Why December is Vital for Syracuse Football : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
Luckily for SU, that game won’t be played until December 30th – over a month from now. That provides plenty of time for recuperation, rehabilitation, and recruiting. Doug Marrone’s focus was on all of that immediately after the Eagles game.

Orange::44: Monday Morning Quarterback 11/29/10
When your team is bad, you get used to them playing poorly. When your team is good but plays poorly, well, that's pretty damn frustrating. Such is the story of the 2010 Syracuse Orange, who met or exceeded everyone's expectations this year, are going to a bowl game, and yet have all bit fizzled out in the month of November.

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse - Boston College Observations: The Case of the Curious Punt
While the game itself was miserable to watch (as all home games were this year) the real kick in the balls for Syracuse fans came when Doug Marrone sent out the punting unit when faced with a 4th and 2, down 16-9 with a little more than 5 minutes remaining.

Light: 1, Darkness: 0 - Cuse Country
After playing back to back games against Tim Hardaway Jr and Glen Rice Jr, I can only assume our next opponents will come at us with Cedric Ceballos Jr, Mitch Richmond Jr, and Nick Van Exel Jr. I await.

Syracuse University: Best Colleges for Basketball Fans - US News & World Report
The Syracuse University Orange has a tradition of winning. Its basketball prowess has translated into an NCAA-record 39 consecutive winning seasons and has the fifth most wins among men’s Division I basketball programs.

Syracuse University coaches go from Dome sidelines to recruiting frontlines |
"It gets quite hectic now, but all for a good cause," Marrone said following a 16-7 loss to Boston College. "Tomorrow morning, the coaches head out, we go on the road recruiting, out for a week and come back with the recruiting (visits) weekend."

Fast-forward to 1:22 to see a very young, very sweaty, very mustachioed Doug Marrone practice his "no comment" routine. We should have known... (H/T: Brian H.)