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TCU And Syracuse: A History Of Not Much Violence

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Much to the chagrin of Jim Boeheim, Syracuse and TCU are about to become conference buddies. While the two schools don't have much of a history in the major sports, we do have a little bit to work with.

As far as basketball is concerned, Syracuse OWNS the Horned Frogs. As we probably should. We're 4-0 against them all-time, most recently a 80-64 win in 2005 and a 82-78 win in 1997 in Puerto Rico.

And in case you're wondering, TCU is 13-33 all-time against current Big East teams. They are 1-0 against Providence, though. Good work as always, Friars. The first time they play Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Villanova, West Virginia, St. John's, Rutgers and Seton Hall, it will be the first time they will have ever played them.

On the football side, the two teams have tangled only once but it was quite a once. Jim Brown and the Orangemen headed down to the Cotton Bowl for their second-ever bowl appearance in 1957 where they met the TCU Horned Frogs. It turned into a fantastic game, one in which Jim Brown scored three touchdowns and kicked three extra points. Alas, SU came up just short, losing the game 28-27.

And as you can imagine, Syracuse and TCU have not met in lacrosse. But maybe we'll work on steps.