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Syracuse Lacrosse Back Where It Belongs: No. 1 In Preseason Poll

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Congrats Duke. You won the National Title last year thanks to a clear path in which you didn't have to play Syracuse. You are welcome. Or I suppose you Army can tell you you're welcome.

The free ride ends now, jerkwads.

Inside Lacrosse has posted their preseason Top 20 and the Orange are sitting atop the list at No. 1. Such is their God-given right to do so. Defending champion Duke is all the way back at No. 5, which is like starting the season at No. 15 in college football.  Who else but Virginia is No. 2, North Carolina is No. 3 and Cornell is at No. 4.

The Big East gets some love with SU, Notre Dame (No. 7) and Georgetown (No. 18) while Villanova is in the others receiving votes realm.

Hi Johns Hopkins, all the way down there at No. 11. Oddly enough, they'd still be named the one-seed in the NCAA Tournament with that ranking...

Looking at Syracuse's schedule, we'll be playing nine teams that begin the season ranked. They are No. 12 Denver, No. 13 Army, No. 2 Virginia, No. 18 Georgetown, No. 11 Johns Hopkins, No. 5 Duke, No. 10 Princeton, No. 4 Cornell and No. 7 Notre Dame. Six of those nine games are at home, two are on a neutral field and only one is a true road game (Princeton).

Giddy The F Up.