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Brandon Reese's Time To Shine

Sure, Brandon Reese didn't put up Rick Jackson-like stats in the Legends Classic. Actually, he didn't put up ANY stats in the Legends Classic. But that's not Brandon Reese's value. Reese brings something that very few bench players can bring to the table...photogenic presence. Behold...


There's Brandon over on the right next to Kris Joseph. But then again, you already knew he was there. Because every time Syracuse wins a tournament or hits a major milestone, Brandon is front and center making sure his smiling face represents all that is good and orange about SU.

Take last year's 2K Sports Classic victory in the Garden:


Or Jim Boheim's 800th career victory last season:


Totally forgot the CBE Classic when we beat Kansas (nice catch, actioncuse).


We look forward to Syracuse's next big accomplishment and seeing Brandon right there to enjoy it.