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Doug Marrone Monday Presser: Critical Standpoint


Don't you think Doug Marrone knows how critical this juncture is? He knows, and he's brought back the standpoints to prove it:



It is a standpoint of those things, a breakdown in protection, getting knocked down on a rout...

Very simple from a standpoint of a flat or a curl route and reading that.

Obviously our numbers will be better but just the standpoint of players realizing that the season is long...


He has done a very good job so we put him in and he did a nice job.

I wasn't a big fan of the way Doug opened up the conference. He turned it into a "look at all the great moral victories we've had this year" funfest. Those things are all good and should be noted and recognized, but now's not the time. What happened to Mr. We Don't Worry About That Stuff Until The Season Is Over? I thought we were supposed to focus on the game ahead and only the game ahead?

I don't have very many criticisms of Marrone as a coach but if there's one I think he deserves it's his inability to brush off what he thinks the fans think of the program. Because I don't think he knows the fans are upset. I think he thinks the fans are upset. And because of that he's decided to start throwing out stats to try and quell us. In doing so, he sounds like the kind of coach that's happy with "baby steps" and I don't think that's really him.

Still, it's good to know Doug wants to be proactive about making fans happy, and honoring his players at the same time.

"It is very important for us as a program and very personal for us to have a type of performance where the people who come out, and I thought they did an outstanding job last week, that we give them that. I feel like we owe them that. That is what is a disappointment for myself personally, I can’t really put that on our football team. It is important that these seniors, and all of the players, that we go out there and find a way to win a game, that is exactly how we’re going to have to do it. Get ready to be 8-4 and get our eighth win of the season and go out the right way. That is important. That will be our emphasis today, to play for each other, play for our fans and make our seniors go out the right way."