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Syracuse vs. Boston College: Eagles Without Top Rusher But Does That Matter?

It sounds like it would be hood news for Syracuse. Boston College's top rusher, Montel Harris, will miss the game due to a knee injury that required surgery on Monday.

The junior running back underwent arthroscopic surgery for a torn left lateral meniscus in his knee at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center. The school announced that he will miss Saturday's contest against Syracuse, but there was no word on how long he could be out.

How good has Harris been? He's coming off his eighth 100-plus yard game of the season and recently moved into second place on the school's all-time rushing list with 3,600 yards.

That's all well and good but it's not like the Orange have fared any better against backups in recent weeks. Louisville's backup RB torched the Orange for two scores in that loss while Rutgers' backup put up huge numbers against the SU defense. In fact, Syracuse has been getting torn up on the ground in most of their recent games, regardless of who's holding the ball.

Overall, the Orange and Eagles are both looking at this game in exactly the same way. Neither team can win their conference so now it's all about bowl seeding and making yourself as attractive as possible for suitors.

The main difference is that Boston College has won four games in a row while the Orange have lost two of their last three and both of those losses have come in the Dome, which is exactly where this game will be played. Is this whole home-losing thing just a Big East problem? Or will the Orange leave this season never wanting to step foot inside the Dome again?

SU is currently a 2.5 point favorite, which basically means Vegas is more interested in BC right now and I don't blame them. A month ago, this looked like a gimme for SU. Now, it's a game of redemption. Win and you quell these home-field demons. Lose and you take a bad taste into the bowl game, which is supposed to be a celebration.

Syracuse wants to have eight wins and go looking for No. 9. It doesn't want to be at seven wins, desperately trying to avoid ending the year on a three-game losing streak. This game doesn't mean anything in the Big East standings and it's not for bowl eligibility...but it means something.